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With our professional expertise and technology we help you to discover, organize build and incorporate vital services into existing processes in order to build sustainable business value

Electronic Design & Manufacturing

Custom electronics manufacturer for prototype to high-volume production runs. Through our consulting service we offer in-house electronic engineering and design.

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About Us

We're an independent, fast growing company with branches in USA and Croatia focused on M2M, IIoT products and solutions

What We Do

It is all about productivity and increasing outcome. We live in the world of fourth industrial revolution and our mission is to provide best technology to our customers.

Technology that will be primarily in the function of productivity, technology that will be used for connecting physical and analytical aspects of business and technology that will increase assets performance management and bring assets optimization.

We can talk about internet of things (IoT) or even industrial internet of things (IIoT) or about internet of important things (IoIT) or about machine networks or maybe about convergence of operational and information technologies (OT & IT). At the end, it is all about using new technologies in the industry.

Some of our clients

  • iot heap
  • upland consulting
  • upland global wireless technology
  • xlogic
  • unotelos

Instrumentation and Control Systems Integration

Great experience in system integration, and partnership with some of the world's top network infrastructure providers are the guaranty for providing high quality solutions to our customers.

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Products & Solutions

From rugged devices to powerful end-user applications, we offer the end to end M2M solutions delivered over multiple reliable networks

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