IoT Heap Cloud Computing

Scalable enterprise end to end cloud platform delivering state of the art technology through a wide variety of custom industrial and residential solutions

Digital Oilfield

Wired or wireless sensors able to provide measurements and/or sensing directly or indirectly over the internet can be gathered into IoT Heap and therefore presented and saved for future analysis.

Elastic Ubiquitous Connectivity

Real-time problems, real-time solutions

What it is all about

Today, there are so many devices that can be connected to the internet and there will be more and much more of them in the coming years. Those all devices are commonly called as Connected Devices and are connected in number of different ways. Wirelessly, over the wire, using different communication protocols, using private or public networks.... And all of them have one thing in common. Connected devices are sending data. And now with those connected devices sending data, suddenly we have Internet of Things.

Connected devices and therefore data are coming from all aspects of our life, from homes, from different industries, from meteorological monitoring spots, from warehouses, from .... And again all that data has to be collected, processed, secured and adequately presented.

Joining Internet of Things and smart way of collecting, processing and presenting data we created software solution. We simply took Internet of Things with all of the data coming around and we put it on the single heap. That heap is a platform able to connect to different data sources, collect and manage data securely, process data, transform it, present it and forward in number of ways. It is simply IoT Heap.

Communication Protocols

  • modbus
  • iec61850
  • opc foundation
  • mqtt
  • bacnet

Power System Monitoring

Either part of a power system needs to be monitored or a whole national power system daily production and consumption of electricity, IoT Heap is a scalable platform able to process, transform and present relevant data.


The changing shape of the digital world as we know it made us to realize how important user experience really is. In order to overcome this key barrier we have put significant efforts to provide simplicity to our users

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