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From managing network infrastructure and devices to SCADA systems

IIoT the Modern DCS

The role and function of the DCS remains critical to safe, efficient, quality production, but now it must also support the enterprise and IIoT by functioning ever more effectively as the plant’s central nervous system.

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Single source for real-time monitoring of remote pipelines, tanks, well heads, compressors, valves and other remote equipment

What it is all about

The emerging wireless communication technology breakthrough has enhanced the possibilities in SCADA monitoring. Operations managers are no longer restricted to relying on auto dialers connected to phone lines for communicating SCADA events.

As technology has evolved, SCADA remote monitoring and control equipment like PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) have become more complex. The increase in proliferation and functions of PLCs and RTUs means there is a greater depth of information available locally to operations managers.

SkyPuzzle makes it easier to manage remote assets, wherever they are. Our products and solution enable real-time monitoring of remote pipelines, tanks, well heads, compressors, valves and other remote equipment.


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  • schneider electric
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  • emerson
  • siemens
  • yokogawa

The value comes from the insights you can glean

Organizations are struggling to make the best decisions regarding the data volume and complexity created by the vast numbers of sensors, embedded systems and connected devices now on the network.


Our integration services and solutions improve enterprise safety and reliability, provide intuitive control, enhance operator effectiveness, and ensure optimum flexibility with Distributed System Architecture technology allowing multiple SCADA servers to function as one

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